What is VRCHIVE?

We wanted a better way to capture, stream, host, playback, and share our virtual memories from the metaverse. Info/status of supported viewing options can be found below.

via Oculus Rift

Ask us for native app access through the contact page.

via Google Cardboard

Search for "VRCHIVE Cardboard" on the Google Play Store or click here

via GearVR

Download native app through SideloadVR OR

Send us your Oculus ID through the contact page OR

Download the Carmel browser app. Sign in to VRCHIVE then enable Carmel on this page. The WebVR button found bottom center of image pages will now open through Carmel.

via Vive

Download native app here

via No VR

Use any modern browser to view VRCHIVE using click and drag or by moving your phone or tablet, making use of its gyroscope and accelerometers.